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  • Ashley The Know

    Lexus Hoverboard Incoming

    14 hours ago

    Reveal coming on August 5th. We can still make the deadline for Back to the Future.

    I'll just leave this here:

  • Ashley The Know

    Your Art for The Know's Show Banners

    1 day ago

    Now that we have a new site, we also have banners for all of our shows, and we want to feature your art!


    If you have any artwork featuring the theme (i.e. videogames, entertainment, tech) or cast of The Know, The Patch, or Game Club, leave a link to your image in the comments. We'll change the art regularly to keep it fresh and show off all your mad skillz and credit you in the show description.


  • Adam Director of Technology

    Top Development / Site Priorities Right Now

    5 days ago

    Hey everyone -- Just wanting to write a little bit of a post talking about what we're working on, to bring you guys up to speed and let everyone know that we're doing about it.

    To start; this is not an exhaustive list, however these are the key bugs & issues effecting the most amount of people. We're going to be actively focusing on these for the next few days.

    Current Priority List

    • Single Sign On (Sign into RoosterTeeth; You're signed in on AH, TK, FH, ect)
    • Contact Us & Careers Pages not functioning properly.
    • Private Groups are not displayed on one's own user profile.
    • Migrations (Forum Posts, User Images, User Messages)
    • Notifications directing you to another site. (and by thus, logging you out.)
    • Safari Playback & Caching issues.
    • Shows being displayed in UTC instead of your user-specified timezone.
    • Creating a new forum post redirects you to back to the front page, instead of the page you were on.
    • Notifications direct you to the front page, instead of the page the new content was on.
    • Live Stream "LIVE" bar isn't noticible enough.
    • Search Slugs aren't working & linking properly.

    I hope to have these most, if not all of these items hit within the next week.

    I also want to remind people to try and keep feedback located in the Official V2 Feedback Thread so we can keep an ear to the ground for the most offensive issues and make sure they are properly prioritized. As much as I enjoy getting 50 emails, 100 tweets, 25 reddit messages, 5 facebook (really?) messages, a ton of RT site messages and user comments about issues -- it's way easier and things get fixed a lot faster if we keep them all in one consolidated place.

    <3 you guys.

    -- Adam


    In the last 72 hours, we've launched

    • Notification Grouping
    • Videos with quotes in title broke player
    • Fixed transcoding problems causing new videos not to play on mobile.
    • Fixed HLS problem on Android causing videos not not be playable on mobile
    • Fixed ad playback for non-sponsors.
    • A plethora of performance tweaks allowing the site to stabilize & average under 1000ms load time (our goal is to have this substantially lower once we can circle back to performance after a bugfix round)
    • And several key backend & CMS related issues for staff.
  • Ashley The Know

    Topics for The Patch

    1 week ago

    As per usual, we'll be streaming The Patch in a little bit. We usually ask this on Twitter, but since we have an awesome new site, why don't we ask it here instead: What should we talk about this week? It can be news related or just generally gaming related.

  • Ashley The Know


    1 week ago

    Who's excited about the new site? ME! It's going to be so awesome having a full site to work with. We've got lots of cool stuff planned and even more stuff that's not planned yet but will be really cool once it is planned.

    For now...


  • Barbara

    New Site: Please Hold

    1 week ago

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that, with the site switching over officially to the new one, things will be slow, things will be broken, and you might think this is the end of the world- but the entire tech/web team is working tirelessly to get things in order as soon as possible.

    Please be patient and know things will not be perfect for a bit. We appreciate it! Also, help me cheer on our team here who has been working day and night for a long time to get this new home for us!

  • Adam Director of Technology

    ​Changelog 7/20/2015

    1 week ago

    Launch. Week.

    A little bit of this


    Plus a little bit of that.



    • Feature: User Messages migration problem solved. Once we lock RTv1, we'll be able to migrate your 109 million messages.
    • Feature: Video CMS for RT Staff.
    • Feature: Global HLS video support.
    • Feature: RTStaff & Site Admin tools.
    • Improvement: API Payment support backend.
    • Improvement: Improved the sponsorship system to better track usage of the 1-Month-Free-Trial for abuse monitoring.
    • Improvement: Added documentation for the canoical URL within the API.
    • Improvement: Sponsorship 1-Month teir final prices.
    • Improvement: Added display for sponsor-only episodes within episode block views. (Sponsor Star!)
    • Improvement: API now supports the watch list.
    • Improvement: Live Streams now have thumbnails for API consumer & Sponsor Gating purposes.
    • Improvement: Banning & Banhammering now prompts you "are you sure" before laying down the law.
    • Improvement: API video map is now a little cleaner.
    • Improvement: API now returns results even if there isn't a tag.
    • Improvement: Added support for iTunes/ApplePay plan selections.
    • Improvement: Email Signup styling.
    • Improvement: Mobile Menu Tweaks (including jumping to sister sites.)
    • Improvement: Homepage Sponsor video was a little wierd. Rephrased.
    • Improvement: Missing Feeditems no longer kill the entire page, they should now just remove the individual block.
    • Improvement: If you fail to insert the correct password to your account, it now recommends you do a password reset.
    • Improvement: Players can now be seen playing games.
    • Improvement: Added "Manage Following" on your user profile sidebar.
    • Improvement: Added search to Games & Groups (pending styling)
    • Improvement: Added a more robust day seperator on the schedule page.
    • Improvement: Games & Groups are now sorted by popular.
    • Improvement: Shows index page is now split between active & retired shows.
    • Improvement: Header styles now work in posts, however this might change depending on indexing results.
    • Improvement: Default graphics for episodes went in.
    • Improvement: Improved messaging for the International store. USA is now included.
    • Improvement: Episode blocks now show "WATCHED" if you've watched them. Whoo.
    • Improvement: Edit is now a pencil.
    • Improvement: Forum admin buttons are now inline. This was surprisingly annoying.
    • Improvement: Added "My Profile" under community. Likely going to be removed though, placement seems weird.
    • Improvement: Added an edit button in the About Me Section.
    • Improvement: Community Dashboard feeds list now says "Users I Follow" instead of "My Feed" for clarity.
    • Improvement: API included data is now apart of the body instead of the header.
    • Improvement: Homepage Sidebar got some improvements because it was fucky.
    • Improvement: Renamed tabs on an show page, We now have Trending & Episodes.
    • Improvement: Added date & time to event page.
    • Improvement: Fixed a broken cache that was creating new slow queries on every page. Website load time dropped globally dropped 100ms.
    • Improvement: Recently Added Videos now paginates and goes back 10 pages. Whoo.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a styling bug where feature sponsor would randomly hang out to the side ~50%. Silly Sponsors.
    • Bugfix: Store FAQ now takes you to the store FAQ.
    • Bugfix: Viewing a profile that is not your own now uses correct verbiage.
    • Bugfix: Episode image sizing on mobile, gray bars should be less appearant.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a particularly enormous bug causing our caches to get invalidated after 1 second. Huge performance implications.
    • Bugfix: Users Last_Login is now properly updated on login.
    • Bugfix: Hero Episode is now excluded from featured Episodes.
    • Bugfix: Closed a ton of duplicate tickets.
    • Bugfix: Multiple matching usernames on Mentions now link properly. The old regex was a tad too forgiving.
    • Bugfix: Deleted posts were not deleting subscriptions & feeditems, and therefore would break anyone following that item.
    • Bugfix: API got a metric truckload of API fixes & improvements, particularly around sponsoring from the app.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug related to IOS that allowed you to give your sponsorship to another user. Shame. Shame.
    • Bugfix: Removed amp; from slugs.
    • Bugfix: Favicon no longer gets lost on all non-root web pages.
    • Bugfix: Default Show image was too tall for the homepage video embed.
    • Bugfix: The "Hero" video on each site can no longer be sponsor only, to prevent an unwelcoming experience.
    • Bugfix: Removed metadata block from the live streams page. Useless information.
    • Bugfix: If a user was deleted, all forums they were a part of broke. This is now fixed.
    • Bugfix: RT Stores needed Multipass ID instead of username.
    • Bugfix: Share menu being under redactor bar fixed.
    • Bugfix: Admin pages for FAQ control fixed.
    • Bugfix: Now only developers have access to the code profiler.
    • Bugfix: Banhammering a user no longer also logs out the administrator.
    • Bugfix: Sponsorship page crash issue solved in production (still disabled until tonight)
    • Bugfix: Image Upload got broken on certain URL formats.
    • Bugfix: API Live Streams are now retrieved based on end_time instead of start_time.
    • Bugfix: "Comment" hit zone was the text area, instead of the full button.
    • Bugfix: Notification count query was being run twice.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a particularly spectacular bug within sponsorship that would charge people in dollars instead of cents. (yay $499 sponsorship!)
    • Bugfix: IP Banning was using the client_ip instead of X_FORWARDED_FOR, meaning when we banned people we banned our load balanacers.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that allowed private data within JSON ecapulated outputs.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a typo that broke editing photo albums.

    Coming Soon

    • Notification Grouping (cause hoooly shit).
    • Sponsorship Pages.
    • V2 Release.
    • Spit shine.
  • The Patch Game Club

    60 Seconds!: 60 Seconds of FUN?

    1 week ago

    Join us for Rooster Teeth's gaming book club originally aired on July 15, 2015. This week we played Spooky's House of Jump Scares (

    Next Week's Game: Sunset (

    This episode features Gus Sorola, Meg Turney, and Ryan Haywood.

    Rooster Teeth Sponsors get to watch the episode streamed live during taping every Wednesday afternoon at 4:00PM Central Time. For more information visit

  • Tech and Science News

    Reddit RUINED?!

    2 weeks ago

    Big changes incoming for the self-described front page of the internet.

  • Tech and Science News

    Prime Day SUCKS?

    2 weeks ago

    We were just looking for a Eparé Navy Electric Milk Frother! Prime Day is here and with it a bunch of junk that nobody wants, but they're going to buy anyway.